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A Road not Taken just might make all the difference in student achievement

The WLC Master of Arts in Education degree is designed to focus on those travelers and their destination, called ?student achievement??the degree is about more than student learning; it is about how we get every traveler to experience the accomplishments in knowledge, skill development and refinement, and relationship and attitude building that contribute to make each journey a success.

Degree Completion Course Spotlight: Principles of Management

Learn more about the Principles of Management course within the Business Management & Leadership major of Wisconsin Lutheran College?s accelerated degree completion program.

Quality has a “face” in Online Learning – it is the LEARNER!

Technology is no longer just the ?new tool? to supplement or enhance the face-to-face experience in learning. In certain programs, it has become the central delivery format for learning, but that does not mean the face of the individual learner has been overlooked or that the focus on quality learning has been reduced.

Adults enrolled in degree completion programs are not necessarily looking for the fastest program to that end goal of a degree, but they are looking for programs that understand their motivational attitudes, their learning requirements, and their need for immediate application. Read how Wisconsin Lutheran College creates relevant academic programs for adult learners, while maintaining a focus on mission and quality.