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  • 2013 Google Education Summit at Discovery World WELSTech Podcasts at Google Education Summit

    Martin and Sallie, from WELSTech, recorded video podcasts live from Discovery World during the 2013 Google Education Summit.

  • Shawn Lauda Featured Ambassador (July 2013) – Shawn Lauda

    I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to attend WLC and found it to be one of the best experiences of my life. I thoroughly enjoyed working with each member of my cohort and feel that I made some lifelong friends. I am truly a Warrior for life!

  • Social Media and Online Marketing - Wordle Personal and Career Growth – Social Media and Online Marketing

    “The ‘Social Media and Online Marketing’ course helped me develop the necessary skills to improve my company’s social media tactics. I am now the administrator of my company’s social media accounts and campaigns.” – Donald

  • Online Learner Image Certified Financial Planner? (CFP?) Program

    We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of a new Certified Financial Planner? program at Wisconsin Lutheran College. The program has been approved by the CFP Board and is designed to effectively prepare students for the CFP? Exam.

  • Accelerated Degree Completion Students in Wisconsin Lutheran College Classroom The Juice is Worth the Squeeze!

    Dave Schmitz, an accelerated degree completion student, explains why, in his own words, ?the juice was worth the squeeze a million times over.?

  • Center for Urban Teaching - Classroom Image Top Ten Reasons to Consider a Transition to Teaching

    We need dedicated individuals to enter the field?especially during these difficult times?who can engineer stronger academic initiatives; who can solve problems creatively; who can think innovatively; and who can believe that all students deserve an excellent education. Consider a transition to teaching.

Ask the Students! Applying Classroom Learning

?Ask the Students? is a simple concept that we are bringing to the Adult & Graduate Studies blog and newsletter in an attempt to engage and understand our WLC adult students.

Between June 17 and 21, 2013, educators attending the second annual Google Education Summit can focus on enhancing teaching skills through the development of dynamic, media-rich, and interactive Google projects.

TechCafe – Mobile Technology Information for Parents

A recent ‘iPad for Parents’ session, offered by the Instructional Design Center at Wisconsin Lutheran College, was designed for anyone interested in learning more about mobile technology and understanding a few of the tools that schools are implementing on a large scale with students.

The Importance of Online Teaching Certification

The rise of online learning isn’t slowing down, which is why it’s important for educators to be properly equipped to bring their classroom into the 21st century and make a positive difference in student achievement.

Student Testimonial: iPad for Business and Collaboration

Taking the iPad for Business and Collaboration course opened my eyes to the incredible possibilities of the mobile environment within any business setting.

Thanksgiving: Reflecting on a Timeline of Blessings

This Thanksgiving, Jim Brandt, vice president of adult & graduate studies, reflects on an incredible timeline of blessings for the College of Adult & Graduate Studies at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

“The ‘Social Media and Online Marketing’ course helped me develop the necessary skills to improve my company’s social media tactics. I am now the administrator of my company’s social media accounts and campaigns.” – Donald

Be a Storyteller – PR + Social Media Summit Recap (1)

Social marketing is a conversation, not a sermon. Content is king ? and with great conversation, storytelling and content, you?ll naturally achieve engagement with fans of your brand.

God’s Love Never Fails!

Nikki, enrollment advisor, recently facilitated a resume and interview workshop at a local Milwakee library. While there, she was witness to a heartwarming moment as workshop participants counseled and assisted a young woman seeking her first job opportunity.

Recap: Google Education Summit (2012)

More than 70 educators participated in the first annual Google Education Summit (July 8-13) at Wisconsin Lutheran College. By the end, many attendees had fully functional, digitally transformed unit plans to bring back to their 21st century classrooms.