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The Importance of Online Teaching Certification

The rise of online learning isn’t slowing down, which is why it’s important for educators to be properly equipped to bring their classroom into the 21st century and make a positive difference in student achievement.

Certified Financial Planner? (CFP?) Program

We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of a new Certified Financial Planner? program at Wisconsin Lutheran College. The program has been approved by the CFP Board and is designed to effectively prepare students for the CFP? Exam.

On March 2, 2012 I was able to do something that will forever be etched in my memory. I was able to walk the halls of WLC after being away for 20 years. When I walked through those doors, I felt like I had come home.

Graduate Assistant: Honored to Learn, and Serve

As a graduate assistant, Danny helps WLC coaches, while at the same time gaining experience from a valuable master’s degree program. He is honored to learn, and serve, at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Five Tips: How to Succeed as an Online Student

Five tips to help the online student succeed in an e-learning environment.

Course Spotlight: Applied Environmental Science and Ecology

Wisconsin Lutheran College?s Applied Environmental Science and Ecology course is just completing its first session and students from various parts of the Midwest have been able to accomplish field sampling in their neighborhood streams and compare results.

Instructional Design Center

Prof. Joe Du Fore, Director of Digital Education at Wisconsin Lutheran College, discusses the role of the Instructional Design Center.

Since graduating from WLC in 2007, Tim Koepsell has been working one-on-one with students at the ETC Preparatory Academy located on Mercer Island, Washington. Now, Tim is enrolled as an online student within the new Master of Arts in Education program at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

The Online Education Revolution

What an awesome opportunity to be able to extend the mission of WLC beyond the brick and mortar of the campus and into the homes, libraries and parks to which our busy adult online students have access.

Q & A with Sarah, a Wisconsin Lutheran College online accelerated degree completion student.