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Feel the guilt yet? Are you achieving what you resolved to do this New Year?s? Do you even remember what your resolutions were? There?s still time to re-energize and re-establish the momentum?but it takes re-grouping in the planning phase.

Top Ten Reasons to Consider a Transition to Teaching

We need dedicated individuals to enter the field?especially during these difficult times?who can engineer stronger academic initiatives; who can solve problems creatively; who can think innovatively; and who can believe that all students deserve an excellent education. Consider a transition to teaching.

Science is NOT excess luggage in the educational journey!

At WLC we offer the MA-Ed Science Instruction Specialty as a response to the current research and what we have heard from the PK-12 teachers who want to be ?brought up to speed? on what is new in science and technology as impacting inquiry-based approaches.

We want our students to soar like the eagles…

At Wisconsin Lutheran College, the Master of Arts in Education specialty, ?High Performance Instruction,? prepares teachers, and their students, to soar like the eagles.

A Road not Taken just might make all the difference in student achievement

The WLC Master of Arts in Education degree is designed to focus on those travelers and their destination, called ?student achievement??the degree is about more than student learning; it is about how we get every traveler to experience the accomplishments in knowledge, skill development and refinement, and relationship and attitude building that contribute to make each journey a success.

Quality has a “face” in Online Learning – it is the LEARNER!

Technology is no longer just the ?new tool? to supplement or enhance the face-to-face experience in learning. In certain programs, it has become the central delivery format for learning, but that does not mean the face of the individual learner has been overlooked or that the focus on quality learning has been reduced.

Adults enrolled in degree completion programs are not necessarily looking for the fastest program to that end goal of a degree, but they are looking for programs that understand their motivational attitudes, their learning requirements, and their need for immediate application. Read how Wisconsin Lutheran College creates relevant academic programs for adult learners, while maintaining a focus on mission and quality.

In the Beginning…

Tweet Written by: Dr. Joyce S. Natzke When WLC determined it would launch an adult degree completion program and a graduate program, V.P. Jim Brandt and I immersed ourselves into understanding good pedagogy for this stage of the learning cycle. We learned as much as we could about andragogy, the specific term for the methodology employed to teach adults who fall outside of the traditional-aged college students.? We engaged community  [ Read More ]