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Growth in Technological Knowledge

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Sep - 23 - 2013
AGS Staff

By: Tim Luetzow, accelerated degree completion student

One of my reasons for returning to school was to increase my use of new technology.? Prior to the Wisconsin Lutheran College?s accelerated degree completion program, I had never used MS PowerPoint and was self-taught in MS Word and a MS Excel forerunner known as Quattro Pro. Fax and email were my primary modes of communication, along with my four-year-old flip phone.? Last week, in a WLC German class, I commented to one of my much younger classmates that the overhead projector was the smartphone of my day!

Things have certainly changed in the past sixteen months.? I have taken Communication in the Business Setting, iPad for Business and Collaboration, and Digital Communication; all are courses which focus on new technology. Now I not only have a second screen for my laptop, but also an iPad and a smartphone, sometimes with all four glowing at the same time.? As a student in online courses, I have now used technology to facilitate group projects with a student in Arizona and another that was away on business in Ohio. We?ve held digital video meetings using technology that was somewhat foreign to me less than two years ago.

The very technology that necessitated my re-education is also facilitating that education.? Technology is a tremendous advantage to WLC?s program. Virtually every class has a project that requires at least one electronic presentation.? In German class, I play a German news video on my laptop and use an app on my iPad to assist my understanding and translating. Like other courses, Digital Communication was taught by an instructor who knows his way around Microsoft Office programs. Prior to that class, I struggled with Word 2007. I have now assembled presentations with animations, sounds, and videos ? and the possibilities seem endless. The calculations and financial analysis I?ve learned for Excel are enormous time savers in the classroom and workplace.

Things have definitely changed since the days of the Apple II that I used in college in my first accounting class 30 years ago. WLC is successfully integrating and projecting new technology into the adult degree completion program courses, and I readily embrace these technological learning experiences!

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