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“Ask the Students” – May 2013

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May - 17 - 2013
AGS Staff

?Ask the Students? is a simple concept that we are bringing to the Adult & Graduate Studies blog in an attempt to engage and understand our Wisconsin Lutheran College adult students.

This month, we asked our accelerated degree completion students to share with us a course within the Business Management and Leadership major?they have enjoyed, or a course that has made an impact on their lives.

?My favorite course so far, without a doubt, has been Servant Leadership. I?ve spent more than 25 years working on production teams. Over the years I have taken notice of the qualities that make a good leader. A leader that practices servant leadership is one I remember, and one I want to emulate. It was very enjoyable to be?instructed by Pastor Kelm, with his vast wisdom and kindness. I desire to be a high school teacher, and I hope to instill in my students the value of leading as our Savior did, by being a servant first. In the meantime, those that I lead in a work environment, or kids I coach, will always know I have their best interest in mind in all the decisions I make concerning them.? ? Robert Lueth

?I found Servant Leadership to be my favorite course in the program.?I believe the human value of serving and helping others is an incredible concept that I strive to live by now. It has changed my entire view on how I interact with others, especially when I’m acting in a supervisory role.??It’s just a fantastic theory and way of thinking.?I learned an immense amount from that course and it was a profound discovery in my life!? ? Shawn Lauda

?Strategic Marketing was one of the best courses so far (only three left to go).? Our professor really brought the course to life and made it applicable to the work we do.? ? Philip Harkleroad

?There are so many courses that I enjoyed, however I will have to say that my favorite was Servant Leadership.?

I believe that this course gives Wisconsin Lutheran College graduates leverage. Some colleges and universities instruct business majors to focus on the bottom line; the Servant Leadership course at Wisconsin Lutheran College reminds us to focus on the individuals.?

When we lead with the compassion of Christ we take the “me” out of the equation. This course helped us to learn how to be successful leaders without comprising our compassion. Some individuals become more concerned about being recognized as great and important; however, the example that Jesus left for us is that in order to lead you must be willing to humble yourself and serve others.

What a great example of servant leadership Jesus left for us! In keeping this example in mind, Wisconsin Lutheran College presents a course that reminds us that being humble in leadership is not a sign of weakness, but in fact a sign of strength.? ? Juwana Roberts

?I am nearly half-way through my program, and so far my favorite course has been “Servant Leadership.” I learned not only what type of leader I should be, but what type all leaders should be, that of a servant. This is a class that all managers, supervisors, or leaders should take before stepping into that role. I learned about myself and how I can tweak things in my life to become a better person for and towards others. Learning about change leadership was impactful, including the reasons people resist change. I also enjoyed learning about the stages of conflict, how to read people, and how to put out smolders before they turn into forest fires.? ? Anonymous WLC degree completion student

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