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Written by: Don Clough, WLC accelerated degree completion student

Personal Growth

Social media has transformed the way many of us communicate. Having recently completed the Social Media and Online Marketing course at Wisconsin Lutheran College, I can tell you that social media is also changing the way businesses operate and advertise. Prior to this course, I had little interest in social networking; however, I wanted to understand how businesses could leverage social media. So, the decision was made to jump into the world of likes, tweets, pins, pokes, recommendations, fans, and friends.

Following my first week in the course, my instructor encouraged me to create a personal account on Twitter. The learning began quickly as Twitter became not only a tool for communication?among?students and instructor, but also for gaining access to industry experts and a wealth of knowledge.? It became my personal learning network, with unlimited opportunities to enhance the lessons also being taught through eBooks and class forum discussions.


Through the strategic use of social media,?I’ve?been able to better understand my customers:

  • Who they are,
  • What they want,
  • What they are talking about.

This course also helped me develop a social media marketing plan, which included:

  • Strategies for search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising
  • Content development and an editorial calendar
  • Strategic plans for individual social platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.)

Career Impact

Social Media and Online Marketing helped me develop the skills necessary to improve my company?s social media tactics. Because of this course, I am now the administrator of social media campaigns for a leading furniture retailer. I represent the company on Twitter and Facebook, and I am currently working on a Pinterest campaign that will bridge the gap between our customers and our salespeople.

The ability to take classroom activities and immediately apply them to your work or personal life is a great perk to any class. In this instance, Social Media and Online Marketing allowed me to take on more responsibility in my career and workplace, and would likely benefit anyone with an interest in learning how to use social media to build their personal or professional brand.

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