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The Juice is Worth the Squeeze!

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Jul - 3 - 2012
AGS Staff

Written by: James Brandt, Vice President of the College of Adult & Graduate Studies at Wisconsin Lutheran College

I recently had the privilege of witnessing our graduating students present their capstone projects and portfolios. They were well executed and demonstrated the academic and career related successes our students are achieving. One in particular made a lasting impression.

To summarize his academic experience at WLC, Dave Schmitz listed for the audience some of the things he had given up not only during his degree completion program at WLC, but also during the time he completed his associate?s degree at another institution of higher education:

  • 200 Taco Tuesday promotions ? ?Tacos aren?t my favorite food, but because I couldn?t go, I wanted them so bad.?
  • 64 Monday Night Football games ? ?But not Packer games ? priorities are important.?
  • 40 Milwaukee Bucks games and one offer for free courtside seats ? ?I did the right thing and went to class.?

Dave went on to enumerate for his listeners what he received in return and why, in his own words, ?the juice was worth the squeeze a million times over?:

  • Career Flexibility ? ?I can now check off that box that I?m a college graduate.?
  • Parental Pride ? ?My parents can now proudly say their son is a college graduate.?
  • Parental Influence ? ?Some day I can tell my kids that they have to go to college because their father did it!?
  • Removing the Elephant from the Room ? ?I don?t have to be ashamed that I didn?t finish school; now I can proudly tell them I?m a WLC graduate.?
  • New Friends ? ?Tom?s one of my best friends, and we?re going to stay in touch.?
  • Applicable Job Skills ? ?I learned critical thinking and how to analyze business situations.?
  • Opportunity for Promotion ? ?My opportunities for job promotions will now increase thanks to the skills learned in the program.?
  • Leadership Skills ? ?I learned the importance of servant leadership and putting others needs ahead of mine?it?s not just something Jesus did, but something successful companies do. It?s why they are successful.?
  • Confidence as a Professional ? ?More than anything I learned there is no limitation on what I can do. Completing school while working fulltime is the hardest thing I have ever done; because it was so hard it makes it that much sweeter!?

What are you waiting for? Let WLC help you achieve your career goals. We promise to make your education worth the investment!

Learn more about Wisconsin Lutheran College’s accelerated degree completion program at

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