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Reverse Mentoring – Shared Learning

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Apr - 4 - 2012
AGS Staff

Written by: April Hamblen (accelerated degree completion student) and Nicole Livigne (undergraduate student)

When we were approached to kick off the reverse mentoring pilot program, we didn?t know what to expect, but Nicole and I were excited to represent Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC), and honored to have been chosen to lead the way with several other students.

Reverse Mentoring - April and Nicole

April Hamblen (left) and Nicole Livigne (right)

Nicole began shadowing me at work near the end of February, 2012. I gave her a tour of our five buildings and introduced her to some of the company?s movers and shakers.? In subsequent visits, Nicole learned more about my company (KHS USA Inc.), and how the front end of a sales organization works.? She sat through a department meeting and shadowed our Marketing Manager, Amy (Pues) Guy, (WLC Alumna) as she prepared for a trade show. ?She will also be shadowing our Accounting department to get a feel for what it?s really like to crunch numbers all day.

Since we at KHS are fairly tech savvy, Nicole did not need to take the time to teach us ?old? people about Facebook and Twitter.? Instead, she is helping us determine what we can do to make our company more familiar and approachable to recent college graduates.? Thanks to Nicole?s insights, KHS hopes to become a preferred employer for young business grads.

Nicole has learned how real-world businesses function, and just what is involved in turning something from an idea that a customer has, to a functional product they can use.? Being a part of the process has been helpful in making the book learning Nicole receives on campus, come to life in the real world.

We are both grateful that WLC has given us the opportunity to learn things that we can both use, even after our formal education ends.

The reverse mentoring program works by pairing adult students, who are actively-working professionals, with traditional undergraduate students, and allowing them to work with and mentor each other in a business environment. Learn More

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