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Going Green With Technology (Part 2)

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Mar - 30 - 2012
AGS Staff

Written by: Prof. Joe Du Fore, Director of Digital Education

Going Green With Technology: Recently, I featured several of my favorite ‘green’ technologies: View Part 1. Here are a few more:

Camtasia IconCamtasia

Camtasia (for Mac) or Camtasia Studio (for PC) is an absolute must have for anyone thinking about creating their own computer tutorial. Both of these software packages make recording your computer screen – including cursor, audio, and camera simultaneously – a breeze. You can even use the software to add text, callouts, and animations. You will find it extremely easy to edit sound, apply zooming, insert alternate video clips and even remove unwanted microphone static with the friendly tools in the Camtasia toolbox.

Camtasia is a nearly brainless way of creating anything from video lectures to silent screenshot tutorials. Camtasia allows you to broadcast your work in a variety of quality and relatively pain-free ways.? One of the obscure pieces to take note of is that the PC version is actually much more robust and comprehensive than the Mac option, the price would speak to this discrepancy: PC = $200, Mac = $90.

Dolphin Browser IconDolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is a web browser specially designed for mobile devices like iPads and smartphones.? Its ?Gesture? function allows you to use gestures and drawings as bookmarks. For instance, if I draw a square [] on my phone or iPad, Dolphin Browser will instantly take me to my WLC iPad website. It also has voice recognition software, called Sonar, that functions much like Apple?s Siri. You can say what you want or ask questions and Sonar will respond to you, giving you options, answers and even advice. Dolphin is also much more Google friendly than Safari? (Apple?s web browser) making it a great plus for anyone that utilizes Google apps from their mobile device.


Spotify is like Pandora on steroids! It is possibly my favorite app on the market. I like it so much that I bother my friends and coworkers about it on a regular basis. It is a music playing app. Much like Pandora, you can pick from stations, rate the songs, and even look up info about musicians, etcetera.? Unlike Pandora, you can choose the songs and albums you want. You can even make and share your own albums! On top of all this, there are now numerous application plugins that allow you to do everything from Karaoke to song mash-ups. It is truly a magnificent app for the music appreciator.

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