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Top Ten Reasons to Consider a Transition to Teaching

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Oct - 18 - 2011
AGS Staff

Written by: Dr. Joyce S. Natzke, Dean of Adult & Graduate Studies, Wisconsin Lutheran College

Challenges and obstacles in education bombard the public daily in the news forums?.the economic slump has plagued and bewildered even the best of financial managers in the school districts across the country?.with such negative vibes reverberating in and out of the classrooms and hitting everyone?s pocketbook, why should anyone consider entering the teaching profession or leaving one profession for another very demanding one in education?

…because we need dedicated individuals to enter the field?especially during these difficult times?who can engineer stronger academic initiatives; who can solve problems creatively; who can think innovatively; and who can believe that all students deserve an excellent education.

If you admit to a yearning to ?make a difference? in a ?can-do spirit,? then consider teaching?and I challenge you to be willing to:

10.?LEARN CONTINUOUSLY ? Good teachers admit to being life-long learners and model that passion for learning with the students;

09.?MAKE CONNECTIONS ? Relevant teachers apply their passion for and skill at networking ?to link academic content to life applications, experiences, or community resources.

08. KNOW THE INDIVIDUAL ? Interested teachers rely on solid communication techniques of listening and questioning to know each student as a unique learner and then these teachers strive to passionately meet the learning needs of each and every one.

07. COMBINE THE ART AND SCIENCE OF TEACHING ? Involved teachers know how to ?work a room? and passionately engage every learner one way or another?and stop at nothing in involving parents and the community in the support of learning.

06.?SCHEDULE FOR SUCCESS ? Organized teachers develop a framework for the classroom experience that is structured with allowance for flexibility and maximization of those unexpected ?teachable moments,? capturing the passion for learning when it is most impactful.? Because these teachers know that the learning process is not confined to the hours of the typical school day, innovative scheduling is a top priority to maximize learning.

05.?LAUGH OFTEN ? Creative teachers make use of humor and levity to create a positive learning environment that evokes the passion and excitement of every learner in the room.

04.?ARTICULATE VISION ? Futuristic teachers maintain broad-based connections to gauge the pulse of societal change and progress as they impact education; these teachers study trends to predict processes that help education to be proactive and passionate in its preparation of learners for the future.

03. SERVE OTHERS ? Productive teachers realize that they cannot operate in a vacuum; education needs to be a team process where members are all expected to contribute for the advancement of every learner, whether student or teacher or administrator, as though their very own passion depended upon it.

02. LEAD FOR QUALITY ? Effective teachers not only serve others, but lead in various ways: they are bold in taking a stand for our future through research of quality programs and commitment to ongoing assessment and accountability because they know in their passionate hearts that quality learning depends upon these activities.

01.?ADMIT TO BEING IDEALISTIC ? Caring committed teachers need to have a steady stream of idealism that runs in their veins to see the possibilities over the obstacles and challenges; they believe that education can contribute to the well being of students, their communities, and the nation in a global society?and have I mentioned before that they need to do this with PASSION?

If you are itching to use your life experiences and content knowledge base to connect with the future of America in our nation?s educational system, then investigate teaching for all of the above reasons in a ?can-do? spirit that ?makes a difference? in the lives of young learners?passionately!

Wisconsin Lutheran College’s teacher certification program is ideal for mid-career professionals looking to become a teacher or current educators seeking Wisconsin state licensure. Certification areas include early childhood, elementary, secondary, and wide range education (for special subject areas). The 33 credit certification program can be completed in as little as 24 months. Visit for more information.

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