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Smartphone and Tablet Apps for the College Student

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Aug - 12 - 2011
AGS Staff

Written by: Prof. Joe Du Fore, Director of Digital Education at Wisconsin Lutheran College

Right now, college students across the globe are gearing up for another year of study, work, activity, and friendship. The following apps are intended to help students accomplish these things:

Apps for Android and iOS Mobile Devices

SugarSync: Free
Never again lose your important documents. SugarSync lets you sync and backup 5GB worth of documents. These documents can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. It is also a great way to share documents with classmates and professors.

SugarSync App Image

SugarSync App (

LMS: Typically Free
This is not an app itself, it stands for Learning Management System (aka: where your online classes are housed). Your school likely uses some form of a LMS. Moodle, Blackboard, and many other Learning Management Systems have an app for use with a mobile device. Also, many colleges and universities now have their own apps. Visit the app store, type in the name of your LMS and/or school and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Apps for iOS Devices

Adobe Ideas: Free
Adobe Ideas allows you to draw, sketch and export fairly sophisticated images. It is the perfect tool for incorporating hand-drawn, digital images into presentations, art-work, or other projects. Images can be exported for use in Photoshop or Illustrator. The App includes the option of utilizing layers for a reasonable price of 99 cents.

SayClip: Free
Free and private video messaging that integrates with Facebook, allowing you to seamlessly record your status update. Let your friends see the fun you are having!

Wikipanion: Free
Makes searching and refining user-friendly and wonderfully mobile. This app condenses the world of Wikipedia into an easy to navigate and easy to find system of topical and categorical searching.

Apps for Android Devices

Paint Joy: Free
Fantastic app for drawing, sketching, and exporting fairly sophisticated images. It is the perfect tool for incorporating hand-drawn, digital images into presentations, art-work, or any other type of project. You can even animate your drawings once you have finished!

StudyDroid: Free
Syncs wonderfully with to create a robust, take-it-anywhere flashcard solution. You can build and share flashcard stacks with your friends or roommates.

WikiDroyd: Free
Much like the Wikipanion, WikiDryod is easy to use. The difference is storage. WikiDroyd stores (asks to store) Wikipedia information on your data card, which can be good and bad. It is great because you can now access the bustling knowledge of the masses even if you are disconnected from your WiFi or cellular data network. The down side, it can hog a ton of space on your data card (depending upon what you allow it to store).

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