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Archive for August, 2011

Smartphone and Tablet Apps for the College Student

Right now, college students across the globe are gearing up for another year of study, work, activity, and friendship. We’ve identified several apps intended to help students accomplish these things.

Education as a Change Agent in a Diverse Society

The universal quality of today?s classrooms is diversity. Students vary in learning style, language, gender, socioeconomic status, ability status, ethnicity, and culture. This diversity must be understood, appreciated, and carefully considered all throughout the learning process.

Accelerated Degree Completion – Radio Ad

Wisconsin Lutheran College has a new radio spot, highlighting the accelerated degree completion program, playing in the Milwaukee area this month.

Degree Completion Student Testimonial: I Love it Here!

Brenda Ray, an accelerated degree completion student, shares her experience at Wisconsin Lutheran College. She writes, “My faith is my foundation, and I feel my foundation is strengthened just by being here.”

Instructional Technology at Wisconsin Lutheran College

Prof. Joe Du Fore, Director of Digital Education at Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC), discusses the pervasive nature of technology in our everyday lives and highlights instructional technology initiatives at WLC.