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Archive for June, 2011

Susan, a Wisconsin Lutheran College accelerated degree completion student, talks about her experience returning to WLC to complete her degree.

That was then – this is now – in educational leadership

Today?s academic leaders are expected to work miracles in a short amount of time. Dr. Joyce S. Natzke describes the varying roles within educational leadership.

Since graduating from WLC in 2007, Tim Koepsell has been working one-on-one with students at the ETC Preparatory Academy located on Mercer Island, Washington. Now, Tim is enrolled as an online student within the new Master of Arts in Education program at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

The Online Education Revolution

What an awesome opportunity to be able to extend the mission of WLC beyond the brick and mortar of the campus and into the homes, libraries and parks to which our busy adult online students have access.

Professional Development Series: Changing Culture

We?ve posted the slides from the second workshop, Changing Culture, within our Professional Development Series held at Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin.

Financing Your Continued Education

While the primary responsibility of financing continued education rests with the student, the Financial Aid Office at Wisconsin Lutheran College is dedicated to helping students find additional sources of funding to help meet the costs of receiving a quality education.

SMART Board interactive whiteboards allow instructors to be both flexible and creative. This post offers four of the top ways to utilize just some of the potential that the SMART Board has to offer.

{Poll} Why are you motivated to continue your education?


We’ve posted slides from the first workshop, Effective Communication in the Business Setting, within our Professional Development Series held at Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin.