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The iPad is a remarkable tool for educators and part of its success can certainly be attributed to the varied and poignant Apps (applications).? Here is a list of 5 Apps that every teacher should have in their arsenal:

Evernote- Evernote allows you to capture written notes, photos, screenshots, and web pages. It then organizes your notes and makes them searchable.

Evernote iPad App

Evernote iPad App

Dropbox – Dropbox allows you to store files, including music and movies, that can be viewed and shared with ease.

WebProjector – WebProjector allows you to display your iPad web browsing on xanax drug

WebProjector iPad App

WebProjector iPad App

Adobe Ideas – Adobe Ideas allows you to draw and sketch on your iPad, as well as write on your?pictures and files.

Keynote – Keynote allows you to create powerful presentations with ease.

iPad in Education is facilitated by Professor Joe Du Fore. In addition to teaching in Wisconsin Lutheran College’s?undergraduate?and graduate programs, he is also the Director of Digital Education.

iPad in Education is a three credit graduate level course from Wisconsin Lutheran College that provides educators with hands-on experience and real-world strategies. An iPad2 is included within the course.

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  1. Sandra Parker says:

    My company, BT (British Telecom) recently published an app called “BT Coaching for Life” which is one tool in their overall campaign which “encourages parents & carers to help children try different sports, and at the same time introduce them to key coaching principles.”

  2. Hello, I wrote a blog post on how to install the evernote web clipper on an iphone and ipad which allows you to send information to evernote on the go!