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Archive for March, 2011

Accelerated Degree Completion Program

James Brandt, Vice President of Adult & Graduate Studies at Wisconsin Lutheran College, talks about our Accelerated Degree Completion program. [Video]

Have something to say? Let the iPad2 help you say it. Here are five great audio/visual iPad Apps that will help you be heard – and sometimes seen!

Degree Completion Student Testimonial – Daron

Daron, a Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC) accelerated degree completion student, talks about his experience returning to WLC to finish his degree.

Degree Completion Student Profile: Becky

Rebecca (Becky) Weber graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran College in 1984 with a two-year associate degree. She married in 1985 and immediately joined the workforce. Becky, like many adults, found time management to be a hurdle to finishing her degree. Read about Becky’s experience overcoming a hectic schedule to return to WLC and finish her bachelor’s degree.

Adults enrolled in degree completion programs are not necessarily looking for the fastest program to that end goal of a degree, but they are looking for programs that understand their motivational attitudes, their learning requirements, and their need for immediate application. Read how Wisconsin Lutheran College creates relevant academic programs for adult learners, while maintaining a focus on mission and quality.

Marketing truly is one of the most strategic functions which a company can undertake. Strategic Marketing, facilitated by Don Kudek, assists students in applying the tools and concepts of marketing to their everyday lives. Get an inside look on how this course helps students take their marketing knowledge to a higher level.

Watch Sharon, a Wisconsin Lutheran College Accelerated Degree Completion student, talk about her experience going back to school, including academics, convenience, and why she chose WLC to finish her degree.

The iPad is a remarkable tool for educators and part of its success can certainly be attributed to the varied and poignant Apps (applications). We list 5 Apps that every teacher should have in their arsenal.

Same differences: All about students, whatever their age.

For Wisconsin Lutheran College the mission doesn?t change with differing ages and situations. We still hope to model the love of the Savior for students and care about them as individuals. We try to help people better understand their God, their gifts, and their opportunities… help people integrate faith and life for a more joyful and fulfilling future… help students realize their leadership potential and grow into their leadership roles. It really is all about students, whatever their age.